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potato sammie. 크리미한 감자 샌드위치 <v>
hawaiian roll, potato, celery, carrot, pickles
tteok n cheese. 떡앤치즈  <v>
tteok, elbow pasta, 1000 doenjang infused mornay
ragu tteokbokki. 라구 떡볶이
rice cake, pork, kimchi
yeolmu tomato salad. 열무 샐러드 <V>                                  yeolmu, airloom tomato, thai basil, farmers cucumber, gochujang vinaigrette, EVOO
budae beans. 부대 배이크드 빈즈                   
beans, kimchi, hot links, bacon, onion, side of hawaiian roll
chamchi toast. 참치 맨보샤                     
chamchi, shrimp, thick cut toast, gochujang sweet&sour, yuja
spicy pork hoppang. 통삼겹 호빵                
bao bun, pork belly, perilla leaf, jalapeño, jangajji, onion
bolognese mandu. 된장 볼로네제 만두
“doenjang” bolognese, tofu, kimchi, scallion, cheese

noun [myeon] Korean noodles are noodles or noodle dishes in Korean cuisine, and are collectively referred to as "guksu" in native Korean or "myeon" (cf. mien) in Sino-Korean vocabulary.

kimchi tagliatelle. 묵은지 파스타                
tagliatelle, preserved lemon, pork, kimchi, chicken breast, perilla leaf
bouillabbong. 부야베스 짬뽕                      
bouillabaisse, flambé, shrimp, mussel, chrysanthemum, noodle
oxtail ramyeon. 소꼬리 곰탕면                    
96 hour bone broth, oxtail, mungbean sprout, pulled beef, 6min egg, egg noodle, chili thread, scallion    

shareable.(나눠먹는 요리)

pork loin & doenjang hummus.돼지로인          
aged loin, doenjang hummus, farmer salad w/ maesil vinaigrette
chicken & jeon. 바삭한 녹두전과 후라이드치킨
fried chicken (4pcs), mung bean jeon
bone-in galbi jjim. 갈비찜과 모듬쌈 
braised beef back bone, soy glaze, assorted ssam & sauce
crudités. 크루디테 <V>
doenjang hummus, sesame oil, farmers market vegetables,

noun [bap]  Korean name for cooked rice prepared by boiling rice and/or other grains, such as black rice, barley, sorghum, various millets, and beans, until the water has cooked away.Special ingredients such as vegetables, seafood, and meat can also be added to create different kinds of bap.

bulgogi risotto. 불고기 리조또                  
bulgogi, arborio rice, parmesan, mozzarella cheese
dweji dubbap. 감칠맛 돼지덮밥
spicy ground pork, egg yolk, umami rice, gim, korean chives, jangajji
temple bibimbap.사찰 비빔밥 (v)                
cauliflower, soy braised lotus root, seasonal namool, bell flower root, kimchi, egg
add+. (사이드 디쉬)

white rice.                   
umami rice.                          
farmer greens.
korean fried chicken. (4pc)(8pc)                       

dessert. (후식)

ube mattang. 자색 고구마 맛탕 <v>                
candied ube, charged ube foam, charcoal tuile, meyer lemon zest
hojicha ice cream sando. 
earl grey cookie, hojicha ice cream
injeolmi toast.
injeolmi, thick cut toast, peanuts, vanilla ice cream, roasted soybean powder
genmaicha custard.
genmaicha flan, yuzu honey tea, sweet puffed rice,
honey sesame caramel mousse.
honey sesame caramel, hojicha mousse, sable crumble, hojicha ice cream

alcoholic beverage
coming soon…

*these items are cooked to order and may be served raw or under cooked. consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions. please be advised that food prepared here may contain or come into contact with these ingredients: wheat/gluten, milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, sesame, and soy.